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"Solido" was the brand name established in 1930 by Ferdinand de Vazeilles of the "Fonderie de précision de Nanterre" in the western Paris suburb of Nanterre, France. The company was one of the first European firms to champion the "virtues of unbreakable diecast metal". Vazeilles' first product was a metal Gergovia brand spark plug on wheels. In 1932, some of the first vehicle kits were made in Zamac, labeled with the theme "toys with transformations" referring to their various bodies fitting on standard chassis, like the real coach builders and car manufacturers did at that time. Some were fitted with spring-loaded motors that would propel them across the floor. The feeling was somewhat like what Schuco was offering in Germany. In 1953, de Vazeilles bequeathed the company, then called Solijouets SA, to his son Jean René. By 1960, Vazeilles' three children, Charlotte, Jean and Colette were running it.

After World War II, the company factory was relocated farther west to an old stone former hydroelectric power building in the town of Ivry-la-Bataille in Normandy[3]. In 1974, the company opened a new factory in Oulins, about 3 miles (4.8 km) to the southeast. Later information on the Solido boxes labeled the company home as in nearby Anet, a postal designation.

At the end of the 1970s, during a financial crisis, Solido entered the Jouet Francais Group which included Jouef, Delacoste & Heller. The new company was called Heller-Solido SA, and the Vazeilles family no longer had control. At the end of 1980, this company went into liquidation and was purchased by Majorette. The Majorette takeover brought many cost-saving measures and though the Oulins factory remained in operation, some contract construction of toys took place at other facilities, including prisons.

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