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Brumm 100% Made in Italy

From carriages to Formula 1. This is the wide range of Brumm proposals from 1972 to the present day. A complete journey through the history of locomotion, respecting history but with the necessary attention to sports models, races and champions who have made the history of motoring.

Brumista was the conductor of the horse-drawn carriages that traveled the streets of Milan, at the end of the nineteenth century He practiced what is now the profession of taxi drivers. It is precisely from the dialectal name "el Brumm" that the Brumm brand was born, miniature styling for lovers of 1:43 scale model making. (in the photo: Ugo Bianchi, brumm testimonial)


Founded in 1972, the Brumm company began its business by producing miniature models of vintage carriages and then expanding production to steam vehicles and vintage cars, many of which are sports cars, all rigorously made in Italy.
    On the occasion of the 30th anniversary in 2002 the monograph was published: "librumm 1972-2002 a history of models" by Danilo Castellarin printed in 2000 numbered copies in Italian, 1000 in English, French and German.

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