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"We want the perfection of our models to surprise collectors all over the world, so that they too can experience the incredible emotion of possessing an exclusive object.”
Through a delicate balance between tradition and innovation, we strive to express all the elegance, style and creativity of made in Italy, in our models. The most accurate attention to detail, quality materials and the constant development of production technologies have ensured BBRmodels has become a recognised point of reference for large car manufacturers and car enthusiasts.
"Our passion for cars and detail, at the service of the passion of the most demanding and sophisticated collectors”
For BBRmodels, the relationship with its clients has always represented an undisputable asset and essential part of the company's development.

All BBRmodels creations are founded on the tradition of handcrafted mastery of the highest level and the challenges of technological innovation, in a constant search for excellence and authenticity.

The growth of BBRmodels is also owing to the sustainability of the brand, achieved through its careful attention to the needs and skills of our collaborators in the workplace and its continuous commitment to protecting the environment. It is for this reason that our production process involves the exclusive use of water paints and the adoption of advanced technological solutions in order to avoid the dispersion of powders into the atmosphere.
Through the years, BBRmodels has established itself as a leading company in the market for special limited production and handmade model cars: a success story developed over time, founded on the unique quality of our products and a commitment to constant research, continuously following the latest innovations on the international automobile scene for highway and competition vehicles.
Vast experience in the research and design of extremely innovative solutions and processes, whilst remaining true to the spirit of handcrafting, represents the perfect union for the creation of exclusive models, designed especially for enthusiasts seeking one off pieces.
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